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Hamelin Pool

Stromatolites of Hamelin Pool are an outstanding example of a major stage in the earth's evolutionary history. Another salt-tolerant organism is cyanobacteria. They were the first life forms to appear on earth three point five billion years ago and then over the next one point five billion years, they dominated the earth's primordial seas. These ancient cyanobacteria would often grow in colonies, trapping sediments with mucous to form great mats, or reefs of rock-like structures called stromatolites.

Such colonies very rarely occur today, beacuse modern cyanobacteria are grazed by fish, snails and other animals, and must compete with plants to live. However, in Hamelin Pool, salinity levels are so high that plants and grazing animals cannot survive. As a result, a wide diversity of cyanobacteria now flourish in Hamelin Pool, forming extensive mats and stromatolites, much as they did billions of years ago.

as are conducted tours of the Stromatolites and block quarry.

Hamelin Pool: Where To Go / Sightseeing

A visit to the Flintcliff Post Office is a must where an interpretive display has been prepared showing the evolution of Stromatolites.

Morning and afternoon tea is available

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